Our priority is the safety of the brave individuals who help us raise awareness by sharing their personal experiences.

Network for Surviving Stalking takes safety very seriously. We believe the best way to inform and educate society about stalking is by providing a safe, confidential and secure way for those who’ve experienced it to share  their experiences.  It’s then our responsibility to use this information safely to raise awareness across a wide variety of platforms, including mainstream and digital media as well as for training and awareness raising purposes too.

Anyone who contacts Network for Surviving Stalking, can be secure in the knowledge that we will not share any details that will put them at increased risk.

Network For Surviving Stalking Is Committed To:

  • Ensuring the safety of any individuals who speak out about stalking on behalf of or facilitated by NSS.
  • Empowering individuals to talk about their experiences on their own terms.
  • Providing secure and confidential means by which people can give their views anonymously if appropriate.
  • Providing a full risk assessment of anyone considering speaking out publicly about their stalking experience on behalf of NSS.
  • Providing a full explanation of each project, so risk assessed individuals can give informed consent about whether to participate.
  • Ensuring anyone who speaks out about their experience of stalking on behalf of NSS has access to appropriate emotional support.
  • Storing relevant data securely in a strictly controlled and confidential procedure and according to the Data Protection Act.


Who Is Network For Surviving Stalking?

Our small team is highly experienced in  journalism (BBC News and Current Affairs, BBC Radio 4, ITV News and Current Affairs)  academic research, (Universities of Exeter, Bristol, City of Birmingham, Roehampton) and has been involved in work with varied organisations supporting victims of crime ( Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Hollie Gazzard Trust, National Stalking Helpline, Rape Crisis, Victim Support, Women’s Aid, Welsh Women’s Aid) We have been researching the subject of stalking for over 16 years. During that time we have learned from many brave people who have generously given us their views and time.

If you would be interested in speaking to us in confidence about how we can safely share your views and experiences of stalking – with no obligation to take it any further, please email we can also provide copies of our relevant policies on request.