BBC One Show Stalkers Shows Need for Specialist Support Services

21st November 2017

A hard-hitting BBC One documentary’ Stalkers’ which aired on 20th November 2017 reveals how advocacy and specially trained support workers are essential to help stalking victims obtain access to justice. Watch it here:

The show follows 3 people being targeted by stalkers in different scenarios. The TV crew were embedded with Paladin – the National Stalking Advocacy Service and saw behind the scenes as Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers – ISACS assisted victims and supported them through their journey through the criminal justice system.

The struggles of stalking victims in their quest for justice is well documented – we say it’s time for everyone affected to have access to a ‘gold standard service’ and believe that specialist support services – including advocacy should be available in each police force area. That’s why we’re calling for all Police and Crime Commissioners (who are responsible for making decisions about priorities in each police force area) to fund these services.  Find out more here:

You can help us by emailing your own Police and Crime commissioner – and asking him or her to consider funding specialist support services for stalking victims in their area. PCCs details and email addresses are here:PCC-Map-2016-lowres


If it helps – cut and paste the following on to your email…


Dear Sir/Madam

You may be aware that stalking is a serious crime that can and does also lead to homicide. A recent study of 358 homicide cases by the University of Gloucestershire showed 94% featured stalking before the killing. Over 1 million people in the UK are stalked every year but just 1% of reported cases result in conviction. A report published in June by HMIC/HMCPSI showed a widespread failure of the criminal justice system to tackle stalking effectively – resulting in victims being left vulnerable, frightened and isolated.

I therefore urge you to consider funding specialist support services for stalking victims in your area. Small scale projects in areas including London, Hampshire and Gloucestershire are already demonstrating the importance of advocacy and support from professionals trained in stalking. Victims and  professionals – including police officers are clearly benefitting from this specialist support – in the same way support services for victims of domestic abuse have proven to be invaluable.

Recognising stalking early and intervening as soon as possible has been likened to ‘murder prevention’ – we therefore ask that when you consider how to best protect the public in your area, you set funding aside strategically to provide specialist support services for stalking victims. I consider it’s one of the most proactive steps you can take to prevent serious harm to members of your community.

Yours Sincerely





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