Planning for safety

Getting started with Planning For Safety:

When you are the target of someone pestering and frightening you, it is a criminal offence called Stalking. This section of the web-site will help with planning for safety.

Most people want the pestering and upsetting behaviour to stop.

  • Research shows that action taken really quickly is most effective.
  • Stalking that goes on for more than two weeks often turns into long term stalking, and  becomes part of the stalker’s way of life.
  • Stalking usually gets worse and can end in murder.


This was one of the most important messages to us from people who responded to our national consultation last year.

You will want to be reasonable and may start off wanting to be kind to the person who is stalking you – for a huge number of reasons. BUT STALKING IS NOT REASONABLE BEHAVIOUR.

If you don’t want a relationship with the stalker:

  • they need to know this
  • you do not have to be cruel, just clear
  • tell them – clearly and calmly – JUST ONCE
  • it is a mistake to try to give this message in a way that is not clear
  • it is a very big mistake to keep on  giving the message
  • any communication at all will feed the stalker’s need to keep you communicating with them

SO do not return phone calls, reply to letters, emails, text messages – no relationship means you make no contact*.  

Next: It is really important to think very carefully about the risks you may be facing.

*of course, this is not always possible, e.g. stalker is an ex partner and there are child contact arrangements, or a work colleague etc. but don’t give up here please, carry on…