How To Stop A Stalker

Think about the info you have so far – it will help Stop A Stalker.

 Is the unwanted attention is making you frightened? If so, the situation is already serious.

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions in the previous sections think about a safety plan.

If you are scared and there have been more than 2 incidents of unwanted behaviour, the police may have enough evidence to charge the suspect which can help stop a stalker. If the stalker’s behaviour has caused you to ‘fear violence’, or has had a ‘substantial adverse affect on your day to day life’ the law takes the situation more seriously.

Two new offences of Stalking were introduced on 25 November 2012. Police now have additional powers of entry, search and seizure when investigating Stalking – so for example they can enter a stalker’s home, search and seize a computer that may have been used in the stalking.

Further useful legal information can be found here:

Stalking is repeated acts which are unwanted, intrusive and can be reasonably expected to cause distress, alarm or fear.

Stalking is repeated action by one person that upsets another person. So… there are no ‘one size fits all solutions’. It may help to work out, what the stalker wants to get out of stalking you and why this is happening to you.

Read about the 5 main stalking types. Do you recognise the one you are dealing with?  Identifying this may be important to your safety.

Now let’s focus on

  • How you can begin to manage the risk to you and people close to you
  • What you can do to help Stop A Stalker

Please understand we can only put guidelines and suggestions here. Contact one of the agencies on the contacts page for more detailed advice and support.