The Predator Stalker

Stop A Predatory Stalker

Help Stop A Predatory Stalker by understanding their motivation for stalking. This type of stalker gets pleasure from the secret planning of an attack and secretly following you.

  • A Predatory Stalker gets pleasure from anticipating details of the planned attack
  • They stalk to gather information about you in order to attack and usually plan a sexual attack
  • Predatory Stalkers are careful to remain secret about stalking, do not usually send letters, follow or watch you openly

How to help Stop A Predatory Stalker:


  • Take action quickly if you think you are being watched or followed
  • Trust your instincts – tell the police
  • Alert your friends and family
  • Take precautions to make your home safe
  • Plan how to get out of the house quickly and safely and what you will need – keys, phone, papers, money
  • Plan where you will go if you need to take speedy action

If a Predatory Stalker make contact, they may use sexually explicit anonymous phone calls and messages. This type of stalker is usually male and often use drugs or alcohol

  • Take action quickly if you receive threatening messages of this sort

If you are being targeted by a predatory stalker, assess the risk you face here