Resentful Stalking

Stop A Resentful Stalker

Help Stop A Resentful Stalker by understanding their motivations for stalking.

Resentful Stalkers have never had an intimate relationship with ‘their victim’. This is important and separates this stalker from the ex-partner. They want revenge for something – real or imagined.

Examples: You may have had the promotion the stalker felt was theirs/ they were sacked and you got ‘their’ job/ you happen to have the red car they have always wanted. Remember: This type of stalker enjoys the impact their stalking has on you

Help Stop A Resentful Stalker:

  • Keep any feedback to the stalker to a minimum (see the ex-partner section above for suggestions)
  • Take this seriously – their enjoyment means their stalking may continue for years if unchecked
  • Do not consider meeting to discuss the ‘wrongs’ you are being punished for

A Resentful Stalker is Less likely to assault you than an ex-partner stalker.

  • BUT never confront or use threats back, this increases risk

If you are being targeted by a Resentful Stalker, assess the risk you face here