Stalking Conference Celebrating Good Practice

9th March 2018

Following their upcoming stalking research seminar in March, Suzy Lamplugh Trust are hosting a conference in April to share their findings and have wider conversations on what organisations can do to address stalking.… Read more »

Stalking Victims Failed says HMIC

5th July 2017

It’s something Network for Surviving Stalking has been saying ever since our founder Tracey Morgan set up the charity 17 years ago but today HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary)… Read more »

Are You Afraid Of Someone?

26th May 2016

“Are You Afraid Of Someone?” It’s a simple but important question and the answer can be quite complex. Dr Jane Monckton Smith of University of Gloucestershire told Network for Surviving… Read more »

What is Stalking?

19th April 2016

Stalking is in itself extremely serious. It can lead to psychological distress; including PTSD, depression and anxiety. It impacts every area of a ‘victim’s’ life – their relationships, finances, work, home. Stalking can also lead to violence – including rape and murder. Stalking is a key factor in domestic homicide – therefore it’s essential to recognise this behaviour as early as possible. Read more »

Domestic Homicide #StalkingCounts

19th April 2016

Domestic Homicide is a serious problem.  On average 102 women are killed every year in the UK by their ex-partner or partner. Stalking is a key factor in domestic homicide.… Read more »

National Stalking Awareness Week 2016

18th April 2016

The message for National Stalking Awareness Week 2016 is Stalking Counts.    Network for Surviving Stalking (the UK charity behind www.scaredofsomeone.org) has joined with colleagues on from the National Stalking… Read more »