UK’s biggest EVER Stalking Survey Launched

14th September 2016


What is it like to be stalked in the UK today? How easy is it to get help?

Over a million people are stalked in the UK every year*. Stalking is devastating and can also be a precursor to violent crime; including rape and murder. Many UK homicides feature stalking before the fatal attack*. Yet, the number of stalking cases recorded by the police represents less than 1% of the cases that take place each year. *


“Something is clearly going wrong with the way the criminal justice system deals with stalking. Listening to the in-depth experiences of stalking victims/survivors is the first step to pinpointing problems and putting things right. That’s why Network for Surviving Stalking is launching the UK’s biggest ever survey on stalking. As well as using the results to improve services, we’ll be sharing our findings with HM Inspectorate of Constabulary and HM Crown Prosecution Inspectorate. They are conducting independent inspections* into the way UK police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service deals with stalking”.

Jane Harvey, Network for Surviving Stalking.

The survey, launched today at Suzy Lamplugh Trust HQ in London, aims to gather feedback on how each UK police force deals with stalking; whether victims are being routinely risk assessed; if stalkers are being charged or let off with a warning; what punishment stalkers get… There are also consumer-based questions relating to phone companies, social media sites and internet service providers.

“This is one of the most comprehensive surveys ever carried out into stalking. It’s well overdue. We know people affected by this crime are still being let down.”
Tracey Morgan, Stalking Survivor

Stalking features a wide range of behaviours and involves various scenarios. The anonymous sur- vey aims to capture the experiences and views of as many people affected by stalking as possible, including:
• People stalked by ex-partners

• People stalked by the ex-partners of those close to them
• People targeted by stalkers as a result of a workplace connection

• People targeted by acquaintances or neighbours
• People stalked by strangers

The anonymous survey is at

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