Trouble With An Ex?

19th April 2016

Trouble With An Ex is a film exploring the dangers posed by ex-partners who stalk. Find out the lessons that can be learned from the case of Rachel Williams who was stalked and shot by her estranged husband but miraculously survived. Read more »

What is Stalking?

19th April 2016

Stalking is in itself extremely serious. It can lead to psychological distress; including PTSD, depression and anxiety. It impacts every area of a ‘victim’s’ life – their relationships, finances, work, home. Stalking can also lead to violence – including rape and murder. Stalking is a key factor in domestic homicide – therefore it’s essential to recognise this behaviour as early as possible. Read more »

Stalking: Trust Your Instinct

Trust Your Instinct

16th December 2014

In the natural world, animals use instinct to survive. Humans have instinct too. Unconscious signals warning us of danger. Read more »