Trouble With An Ex?

19th April 2016

The charity Network for Surviving Stalking has launched a hard-hitting film Trouble With An Ex about ex-partner stalking. Funded by The Office of the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner via Gwent Independent Film Trust – GIFT.

Trouble With An Ex features hairdresser Rachel Williams from Newport who was stalked by her estranged husband Darren. He bombarded her with texts and phone calls, would sit outside her place of work and turn up at their former home, uninvited. Six weeks after their relationship ended, Darren walked into the salon where she was working and shot her, leaving her for dead.

At the time, Rachel didn’t identify what was happening to her as stalking. Neither did the police officers who dealt with her case; the anti-stalking legislation – The Protection From Harassment Act 1997 wasn’t used.

In Trouble With An Ex, Rachel talks to Jane Harvey from Network for Surviving Stalking  about the lessons that she thinks can be learned from her case.



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