Trouble With An Ex

Many people are stalked by ex- partners. This stalking often goes unrecognised because people make allowances for ex- partners who may be upset. People might dismiss the situation as a bit of ‘trouble with an ex’ or convince themselves ‘he’ll get over it’ (because the majority of these stalkers are male)

BUT making threats, repeatedly pestering or scaring you is NOT behaviour designed to rebuild a relationship, if YOU don’t want that relationship. It is stalking: it is that simple

50% of domestic stalkers carry out their threats. Many make threats to kill. MANY DO KILL.

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These Women Didn’t Realise They Were Being Stalked

Katie-SummersKatie was hassled by her ex-boyfriend for months. He’d turn up outside, shout abuse, refuse to leave. He broke into her house and stole her phone and was sleeping under their kids’ trampoline in the garden. He finally stabbed her to death in front of their 2 youngest children.

Jenna-ThomasAfter Jenna finished with her boyfriend he wouldn’t leave her alone. He’d turn up at the bus-stop and offer her a lift to work, phone and text her over and over again. She felt sorry for him and wanting to be kind, accepted a lift one day. After she got in the car, he strangled her.

Rachel-WilliamsIn the 6 weeks after Rachel filed for divorce, her ex-husband bombarded her with texts and followed her. She just thought it was a ‘pathetic attempt to win her back’ at first. Then he broke in and poured bleach on her clothes. His final act was to shoot her at work in a hair salon with a sawn off shot-gun.

Assia NewtonAssia was hassled by her estranged husband – even though they’d been apart for 2 years. He was constantly checking up on her and turning up at her house uninvited. When she finally asked for a divorce, he strangled her.

Hollie-GazzardAfter Hollie finished with her boyfriend, he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He stole her money, texted her and threatened her Dad. 4 days later he stabbed her to death.