Resentful Stalking

Phil’s Story

Phil’s* Facebook page was filled with nasty comments and threats. He didn’t know who was behind it but someone had a grudge against him.  Things got worse – when he checked online one day, he read that he was being called a paedophile. It was deeply distressing and frightening and he felt completely helpless. The stalker had done their research – they seemed to know where Phil lived; what he did and even who his friends are.  Being stalked also impacted on Phil’s ability to advertise his property development business – he relied on social media to reach out to clients.  Phil’s stalker has the hallmarks of a “Resentful Stalker” Type.

How can you recognise a ‘Resentful Stalker?

The Resentful Stalker wants revenge for something real or imagined

  • Intends to frighten and distress you.
  • Never had an intimate relationship with you
  • May have met you at work, could be an acquaintance
  • Wants to frighten and distress you with punishing vindictive behaviour
  • Enjoys the impact that stalking has on you
  • Often starts anonymously
  • Sees themselves as the real victim fighting for revenge against you or what you represent to them
  • Feels their vindictive revenge is fair
  • Pictures you as representing all the wrongs they have experienced
  • In life generally looks for slights, takes offence, and readily makes complaints

A Resentful Stalker may behave in the following ways:

  • Repeatedly phoning/texting/emailing/messaging you
  • Repeatedly use the Internet to publish information about you
  • Repeatedly pretend to be you on the Internet and posting information
  • Repeatedly monitor you online
  • Repeatedly watch or spy on you
  • Repeatedly follow or wait for you
  • Repeatedly go to your home or place of work
  • Repeatedly send unwanted letters or gifts
  • Repeatedly order or cancel goods in your name
  • Repeatedly damage your possessions
  • Repeatedly steal your personal property
  • Persistently try to find out personal information about you
  • Make threats to hurt you
  • Make threats to hurt those close to you
  • Make threats to hurt your children
  • Contact your friends and people close to you
  • Contact your workplace and colleagues
  • Send obscene or sexually explicit messages
  • Threaten to commit suicide

Is this your stalker? Find out what you can do.

You may find it difficult to tell other people what is happening. Perhaps you’re worried about what they will say? Whether they will believe you or think you are making a fuss about nothing? Even make fun of you?

It is important to tell people, your safety may depend upon other people knowing

*Name changed to protect identities.