The Predator Stalker

Tina’s Story

Tina* was terrified by someone who sent her obscene photos and poems through the post. This anonymous campaign went on for four years. During this time, Tina’s stalker threatened to break in to her house at night, tie her up and carry out an attack that he knew ‘she wanted.’  The person who targeted Tina has the hallmarks of a “Predatory Stalker” type.

How Can You Recognise A Predatory Stalker?

  • The Predator watches you secretly to plan an attack on you
  • Is often anonymous and may use sexually explicit messages.
  • Gets pleasure from the secret planning of the attack and secretly following you
  • Gets pleasure from anticipating details of the planned attack
  • Stalks in order to gather information about you in order to attack
  • Usually plans a sexual attack
  • Is careful to remain secret about stalking, does not usually send letters, follow or watch you openly
  • If makes contact may use sexually explicit anonymous phone calls and messages
  • Is usually male, often uses drugs or alcohol
  • Makes up a small percentage of stalkers

A Predatory Stalker may target you in the following ways:

  • Repeatedly phoning/ texting/emailing/messaging you
  • Repeatedly using the internet to publish information about you
  • Repeatedly pretending to be you on the Internet and posting information
  • Repeatedly monitoring you online
  • Repeatedly watching or spying on you
  • Repeatedly following or waiting for you
  • Repeatedly going to your home or place of work
  • Repeatedly sending unwanted letters or gifts
  • Repeatedly ordering or cancelling goods in your name
  • Repeatedly damaging your possessions
  • Repeatedly stealing your personal property
  • Persistently trying to find out personal information about you
  • Making threats to hurt you
  • Making threats to hurt those close to you
  • Making threats to hurt your children
  • Contacting your friends and people close to you
  • Contacting your workplace and colleagues
  • Sending obscene or sexually explicit messages
  • Threatening to commit suicide

Is this your stalker? Find out what you can do.

You may find it difficult to tell other people what is happening. Perhaps you’re worried about what they will say? Whether they will believe you or think you are making a fuss about nothing? Even make fun of you?

It is important to tell people, your safety may depend upon other people knowing

*Name changed to protect her identity.